Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meaningless Conversation with a Bigot

DINA NATH : How come you say nothing about Modi?

GEORGE : I don't want to.

DINA NATH : Why not?

GEORGE : I don't like him

DINA NATH : Then say it.

GEORGE : I am not interested.

DINA NATH : You should be. Anyway, why don't you like Modi?

GEORGE : Should I?

DINA NATH : Yes. He is charismatic, not corrupt, powerful, means what he says, etc.


DINA NATH : That's it? Just OK?

GEORGE : I hear this a lot. So I get it.

DINA NATH : But you don't agree?


DINA NATH : Why not? What has he done?

GEORGE : I'm a minority, and few minorities trust him.

DINA NATH : Because of Godhra? The court found him not guilty.

GEORGE : We don't trust the court.

DINA NATH : Do you know something the court doesn't?

GEORGE : I know enough of our country's realities to understand that the judiciary is compromised

DINA NATH : But the verdict came under the Congress watch.


DINA NATH : Please say something to substantiate your position.

GEORGE : Your statement doesn't prove anything. The court doesn't implicate politicians easily, regardless of who is in power.

DINA NATH : Who cares what you think? They loved him in California.

GEORGE : I'm happy I don't have to tolerate his rule. Living in another country has some advantages.

DINA NATH : Why are you guys so prejudiced?

GEORGE : Trust is earned. It is difficult to earn it once you've lost it.

DINA NATH : I'm sure you talk ill about Modi all the time in private.

GEORGE : Not at all.

DINA NATH : Your friends sure do.

GEORGE : Many of them do. Some are like you.

DINA NATH : I'm sure they get filtered news from here and there to blame Modi.

GEORGE : Like today's news.

DINA NATH : What about today's news?

GEORGE : Beef eats man.

DINA NATH : You guys! Don't you know he was lynched for stealing cows?

GEORGE : Was he? Interesting they didn't fund any beef in him after the lynching.

DINA NATH : I'm sure you mock Modi for his selfie interest.

GEORGE : I find it funny but harmless.

DINA NATH : One of your Facebook friends posted a video of him posing with Mark Zuckerburg and used it to laugh at him.

GEORGE : It's political humor.

DINA NATH : You guys use every trick in the book to denigrate him.

GEORGE : Not really. Like I said, once you lose trust, every small thing is repulsive. Another leader who loved talking selfies may not be similarly laughed at. Just a matter of trust. Don't take everything literally.

DINA NATH : How much they pay your ancestors to convert?

GEORGE : Should I take that literally, or is it rhetorical?

DINA NATH : Don't think being a smart aleck will let you off. You know your ancestors were Hindu.

GEORGE : In my case, yes. I can't say that about everyone else. To my knowledge, my ancestor converted out of conviction.

DINA NATH : Baloney. You guys are all rice Christians.

GEORGE : Tell that to my ancestors. I know whom I have believed.

DINA NATH : Oh, you take refuge in that chestnut now, you intolerant bigot.

GEORGE : Just teach me how to be a tolerant person like you.

DINA NATH : Go to Pakistan and see if you can eat pork there.

GEORGE : You can't without fearing for your life. Your point is..?

DINA NATH : India is a much better country.

GEORGE : The proof of the pudding is in the eating. A man being killed for eating beef won't agree with you.

DINA NATH : The cow is sacred to us. Why can't you respect our beliefs?

GEORGE : I used to think it would be a gesture of goodwill to give up beef-eating rights. But after this incident I'm not sure. So much agenda-pushing going on.

DINA NATH : You think you are safe hiding in the US? How about the attacks on the sikh gentleman recently, or the police attack on the poor old Indian man?

GEORGE : Terrible.

DINA NATH : But you single out India?

GEORGE : Maybe I should be thankful the man wasn't raped before being beaten to death?

DINA NATH : Go ahead, be sarcastic. You will be thankful when the Muslims run amok and your precious Christians scream in terror.

GEORGE : And you are the only ones standing between us and certain death.

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