Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One Day- a poem for my wife


One day we will feast and rejoice
One day our fears will be stilled
And there will be no more darkness
As light streams in and faces shine
One day beyond the eastern hills.

There’s hope for us in our waiting,
Our desires and unbending hearts,
Though we see our souls dimly
I see your shadow as you see mine,
Longing to touch even as they part.

There is a greater love than ours,
That paints stars and makes the tides rise,
With him no season or day is lost,
Good and perfect gifts from his hand,
Plans from ages past, divinely wise.

Our struggles strain our feeble arms,
I see his face in yours as tears fall,
Forgive me as even raging seas subside,
And stars shine upon the clear night sky,

From a distance the welcoming trumpets call.

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