Monday, August 18, 2014

Mountains Revisited

After so many years, I listened to the Audio Book version of 'Mountains Beyond Mountains' again, the book that first talked to me about Haiti and inspired me. Annie Dillard is right- it unfolds with a force of gathering revelation. It was all I could do to hold back from tears towards the end, just before the Afterword, when Farmer, Kidder and assistant Ti Jean have spent 11 hours walking to seek out 2 patients and resting under a tree in the starlit Haitian night on the way back to Cange.

I read this interview with Kidder on Huffpost recently, by writer Mark Klempner.

MK: Do you feel you were able to get to the truth of what makes Farmer tick, and how his organization has been able to gain so much traction for their idealistic principles?
TK: The little t truth. The big T truth doesn't belong to us.

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