Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4G Nonsense

Close on the heels of people wondering what an iPad actually does that is groundbreaking, here is another set of lies around 4G. The whole world knows by now that what are being touted as 4G are really 3G'S latest versions. Worse still are the claims to having the largest, fastest, most evolved 4g networks in the world. Here are 3 serial offenders I know of- it hurts me to see their ads when I open Yahoo or a tech magazine:




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Ameer said...

Yes. Nice observation. We are going through 3G transitional stage which should be at max addressed as 3.5G and not 4G. Just like when it was gprs and then edge(I might be wrong in this sentence) 2G and 2G transitional. And once I referred to wikipedia and I felt that 4G bracket hasn't been defined exactly yet.