Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beyond Opinion- A Masterful Review of Reasonable Faith

I've been reading 'Beyond Opinion' which is the latest book from RZIM, containing articles from authors that I have heard about from their website or from their daily devotional, 'A Slice of Infinity'. This book is very substantive on apologetic postulates than the other RZIM books I have read, and is perhaps one of the most comprehensive volumes on the subject I have ever read. There is theology, science, logic, practical application in life and witnessing as well as a wealth of personal experiences which are openly shared. Newer RZIM associates like Alison Thomas and I'Ching Thomas write about their life experiences and it becomes possible to understand their thinking so much more as one gets to know of them through their writings. It's as if a glimpse of their inner life has been shared with us, and we feel comfort in finding kindred souls and conduits of the Holy Spirit.

I have three more chapters to go, but what I have read so far has taken my breath away. The book tackles the toughest questions in detail, such as the problem of reconciling faith and works (fruit) in Christians, the paradigm of the Trinity in explaining our understanding of life, holiness, personality, knowledge, the universe and Christian witness (LT Jeyachandran is to be thanked for this magnificent article), the incredible hostility to Christianity on university campuses and the need to reach out to our youth even before college with solid reasons as to why we believe what we believe (Alison Thomas writes this amazing article), conversational apologetics (Michael Ramsden) and contributions from John Lennox and Alistair McGrath on the challenges posed by contemporary scientific circles and how Christianity squares with science in rebutting these claims. In addition there are three articles by Ravi, two of them introducing and concluding the book. All in all, this is a superb effort and I'm the richer for reading it, not simply in terms of acquiring knowledge but in knowing and delighting in the mind of God!

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