Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bihar- India's Final Frontier

You can talk till the cows come home about India's cities, companies and people making progress in many fields. We always have another take from other quarters on our progress. The site of ancient civilizations, learning and cultures, the state of Bihar today is pitiable.

Sometime back there was the shocking news of a baby girl abandoned in rural AP that I had posted here. This new video on Bihar cops assisting a mob to attack a jewel thief is equally shocking.

Warning: This video shows a violent situation which may not be suitable for all to see

We have all known for long that the long arm of the Indian judiciary in Bihar is no match for the 'justice' meted out by the public. For an outsider to Bihar the extend of that brutality is not usually clear except from stories Biharis tell us. Now it's there for us to see and it's terrifying to see what a mob can 'democratically' do and actually think it's doing the right thing. Is there a stronger case for a impartial moral authority?

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